A smart city uses information and communication technologies to:

  • enhance quality, performance, and interactivity of urban services,
  • reduce costs and resource consumption, and
  • improve contact between citizens and government.

Quality data are essential for smart cities

Knowing about your citizens and how they move on an ongoing basis will help you make good decisions and communicate them effectively

Traditional surveys are increasingly expensive and onerous. Getting a real sense of your city's changing demographics and how those different demographic groups interact with your city over time is difficult using surveys. That’s why we set out to create technologies that unify passively-collected data, so that they can bring insights to your city's decision processes and communication practices.



Consumer data companies provide household demographic and socioeconomic information that are up-to-date, inexpensive, and comprehensive. We facilitate a data purchase, clean, and optionally anonymize the demographic data.


Location data companies aggregate their data to show how people are coming and going at different times of the day. The data are collected from mobile phones and in-vehicle devices using GPS, WiFi, and signal technologies. We facilitate a data purchase based on your needs, and carry out quality control methods.


To make the demographic and origin-destination data more intuitive to you, we synthesize travel diaries on a typical day for 100% of your city's population. We fuse passive data from many different sources to create a dataset that is as intuitive as data from traditional travel surveys.

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